Brave. Innovative. Or crazy?

A car-free village was definitely a remarkable plan, presented to the public in 1995 by various hotel owners in Upper Lech.

“The guest is our king, the environment is our emperor” is the motto of this worldwide unique system. Underground Tunnels connect hotels and guesthouses in central Upper Lech as well as lifts and cable cars, the ski school, warehouses and the fire brigade.

Electric vehicles (golf carts) are used for transporting goods and luggage inside the tunnel system. Guests drop off their bags at the cable car station in Lech. When you arrive at your hotel your luggage will be in your room already. In the past, there were cars – today you can only hear nature.

A pram (baby buggy) can easily be moved inside the barrier-free tunnel system.

In case the weather turns out bad you can stay dry and walk comfortably to your hotel using the tunnels.